Seeking new inspiration, fine dining and vibrancy can often be neglected in the hustle and bustle Johannesburg has to offer. Climbing in my car; windows down, music blaring and nothing but the sun bouncing off my dashboard. Travelling the N12, only 15 minutes away from Johannesburg I find myself invited by a particular suburb known as Bedfordview.

An immediate introduction is attained from an upmarket vicinity that is almost park-like due to the tree-lined streets and lush gardens; providing an atmosphere that welcomes not only business men and women but surrounding neighbours too.

Scanning the unknown, I find myself at the famous and newly renovated Eastgate Mall which includes never-ending stores, entertainment venues and exceptional restaurants. What more can a girl ask for?

If Portuguese food is something that ignites your taste buds then Pigalle Bedfordview serves exceptional seafood, meat and poultry dishes with a focus on Portuguese cuisine. They place a strong emphasis on creating an unforgettable fine dining experience for both you and your loved ones.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in celebrating the Mediterranean lifestyle then PLAKA does not only offer mouthwatering meals, but a ritual for ones senses all round through the freshest ingredients inhabiting the components of their rich Greek heritage.

However nothing spikes up our evenings like some sultry nights, Mexican hats and an intensifying custom range of craft tequila! Salsa Mexican Grill is not just your traditional restaurant experience, because they believe that every meal is a magical fiesta. Building your own personalized meal is just the beginning of an explosive dine out.

After travelling from Portuguese cuisine to Greek and Mexican you can also land on one of the top rated Japanese style restaurants in Bedfordview called Yamitsuki that also offer other influences such as Thai and Chinese which has been incorporated into the menu.

But it definitely doesn’t end there, only a few minutes away, in close proximity to Eastgate Mall, Bedford Centre, too offers nothing but zest with 130 stores to choose from, two cinema houses and a link to the east and the west wings via the Piazza. This area offers an open air courtyard that is surrounded by some of the finest restaurants in the suburb.

On route once again, I begin to make my way to peace and tranquillity that is made up of a blossoming 44 hectares, named Gillooly’s Farm which offers a place of serenity and escape. A genuine location that enchants sanctuary from the non-stop pace Johannesburg is exceptionally known for. It is enjoyed by all for its picnics along the lake, walking trails, on which you can spot a number of bird species whilst enjoying a bright and sunny day filled with crisp aromas and spectacular views all round.

So, what else does this inviting suburb have to offer?



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